Responsibility Map Solution

The importance of accountability in regards to the Senior Managers Regime can never be overemphasized. This is because being accountable means everything to this paradigm. Once accountability is lost, SMR falls like a house of cards. And this is why the Responsibility Map Solution is so vital to the equation.

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The Two Vital Views of Accountability

It's the only solution that manages to reveal in very graphic detail the role that accountability plays in the SMR scheme of things. The solution not only enables responsible persons to see the forest from the trees. It also does the reverse, that is, reveal details of the trees from the forest. Thus, the approach gives the user of the application both the power to see the role that accountability plays from both the micro and macro perspectives.

A mapped approach to SMR is akin to having both the map and the compass right in front of the user of the application. It's impossible to miss even the most minute details--unless of course, pure ignorance or laziness comes into play. By diligently applying oneself to the task of measuring the delineation of responsibilities with the solution in question, the chance of any errors settling in can be minimized if not totally avoided.

Responsibility Equals Accountability

Responsibility is simply another word for accountability. In a mapped environment, responsibility or accountability is broken down into tiny pieces. At the same time, the user can also take the opportunity to stand back from the graphic images in order to see the total picture. From these two perspectives which tend to complement each other, it's easier to see why an ad-hoc solution simply doesn't make the cut.

Why You Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Such a solution will tend to leave too many factors to chance which is the antithesis of accountability. The most important thing in this environment is, in the lyrics of an Aerosmith song, you "don't want to miss a thing." Yes, you can miss something, but certainly, not anything having to do with responsibility.

You miss that and the game is over since you will certainly lose the certification. By applying the responsibility map solution, you have a visual road map to the whole process that keeps you from getting lost in the woods. With such a vital tool coupled with your due diligence, you know that you have successfully completed the procedure. It's really no different from that final moment when you have watched the opera and the fat lady sings.