Personal Finance and Money Management Books

Leslie Linfield has authored a portfolio of proven self-help books on personal finance and money management. Her work, which adheres to the National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education, addresses important financial concepts from budgeting to investing and retirement planning and has been developed to help readers build a successful foundation for managing their personal finances.

Budget! It’s Not
a 4-Letter Word
Guide to Budgeting Guide to Credit
and Debt Management
Guide to Insurance
and Investing
First Step Senior Financial


Written in a straightforward and effective way, these books are designed for a reader at any level of financial sophistication. Using humor, graphics and low text density to capture the reader’s attention and reduce anxiety, these books provide readers with practical financial information they can implement in their everyday lives.

As an added bonus, each book includes valuable learning assessments and worksheets to reinforce topics covered and support better retention.

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