Budget! It’s Not a 4-Letter Word

“Budget” is not a four letter word. Yet people find the word budget offensive, and few words create the same sense of dread. We’ve come to associate budget with sacrifice, denial of gratification and burdensome attention to detail. The reality is that everyone has a budget, just like everyone has a diet. With a diet, we can choose to be healthy and responsibly control our eating, or we can eat with abandon and hope we don’t have a heart attack. In the same way, with a budget we can choose to be financially sound and responsibly control our spending, or we can spend with abandon and hope we don’t go bankrupt (the financial equivalent of heart failure).

Budget! It’s Not a 4-Letter Word is designed to assist the reader in learning the fundamentals of personal budgeting, give them the tools to determine their current budget and identify areas of their budget where improvements can be made.

However, the budget is only part of the picture. This book also teaches the reader about individual net worth by providing tools to determine what their current net worth is and explaining why it is important. It also demonstrates how net worth and budget are the foundation upon which the reader can build their financial goals and plans.

Budget! It’s Not a 4-Letter Word is written from the perspective that the reader is looking to improve their personal financial management skills in the areas of budgeting, understanding net worth and financial goal setting. This book doesn’t assume that the reader is financially insolvent, financially inept or that they’re looking for a recipe for tuna fish casserole in order to save a buck. Budgets are a very individual and personal thing. They are living and breathing documents that can change from month to month and even week to week. This book is geared to help the reader understand that budgeting is a great personal tool, not something to be feared or dreaded.

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