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Leslie Linfield is a nationally recognized commentator on personal finance and money management issues and is widely covered in the mainstream media. Her most recent, high-profile features are included below:

American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
The Composite Consumer Debtor

Fox Business
How Mom and Dad Can Cut Off Purse Strings After Graduation

|Wiser Living
5 Tips for Senior Financial Safety

Press Herald
Looking for Customers Among the ‘Unbanked’

Yahoo! Finance
Poll: About 6 Million in U.S. Hid Bank Accounts from Spouse, Partner

USA Rise Up
12 Days of Financial Gift Giving
Seven Ways to Protect Your Credit Rating During Unemployment

The New Debtor

The Fiscal Times
Rising Bank Foreclosures Presage Housing Recovery

Marketplace Radio
More Older, Educated Americans Filing for Bankruptcy (audio)

Maine Public Broadcasting
Bankruptcies Rising Among High Earning College Grads (audio)

New York Daily News
Number of College Grads Who End Up Filing for Bankruptcy Jumps 20% Over Past Five Years

Fox Business
More College Grads Defaulting on Student Loans, Filing Bankruptcy

CNN Money
Bankruptcy Among College Grads Grows

Washington Post
Even the Educated Go Bankrupt

Chicago Tribune
Mom Leads the Way in Shaping Financial Skills
Mothers Have the Most Influence Over Finance

Press Herald
Many Count on Counselor to Get a Handle on Household Finances

American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
Financial Education: No Debtor Left Behind?

The Fiscal Times
State Budgets: Echoes of the “B” Word—Bankruptcy

Adapting to New Finance Equations

New York Times
Retirements Swallowed by Debt

AARP National Magazine
Bankruptcies Up for Older Adults

American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
Class of 2009: The Great Recession’s Impact on the American Debtor

USA Today
For Many Over 55, Debt Defers Dreams

American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
Class of 2008: The Great Recession and the American Debtor

Maine Public Broadcasting
More Middle-Class Americans Falling Victim to Bankruptcy, Study Finds

Wall Street Journal
Q&A: What the ‘Middle-Class’ Recession Means for Bankruptcies

CNN Money
Personal Bankruptcies Hits a 4-Year High

Bloomberg News
Wealthy Families Face Bankruptcy on Real Estate Crash

Associated Press
Parents, College-bound Students Must Plan Spending

Business Week
Boosting Kids’ Financial IQ

Here’s the Best Way to Save Even More

Smart Money
The Pitfalls of Reverse Mortgages

Military Money
Here’s to You, Gen Y!

Los Angeles Times
In Debt, Out of Work and Living with Mom

Tapping Into Your 401(k) (video)

Washington Post
Investment House? As Real Estate Values Slump, Buyers Wonder Whether Stocks Are a Better Bet

Boston Globe
More Americans Breaking into Nest Eggs

Maine Biz
Money Matters

Press Herald
As Expenses Outstrip Income, More Bills are Left Unpaid; Deeper in Debt

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